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Picture Gallery


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These pictures have been taken by Family Kaartinen and many visitors of Kaartila Cottages. Please enjoy:

Picture 1: Your hosts: Reino and Raija Kaartinen

Picture 2: Jukola and the sauna

Picture 3: Lake view from Jukola-balcony

Picture 4: Ladybirds having a rest on a flower of hogweed

Picture 5: Chanterelle mushrooms

Picture 6: Winter scenery

Picture 7: On the way to Jukola

Picture 8: Hattula-lake by night

Picture 9: Annenranta in autumn tints

Picture 10: Jukola by summer

Picture 11: Kaartila country house

Picture 12: Midsummernight in the Souru-lake

Picture 13: Midsummernight bonfire

Picture 14: Kaartila from behind

Picture 15: Souru-lake during the winter

Picture 16: Souru-lake in autumn evening

Picture 17: Christmas night in Juva forests

You can find more pictures by visiting our introduction about the Squirrel Canoeing Route.