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We have here collected information about the Squirrel Route. The text has been collected from the Tourist Information brochure of Juva Commune:

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Canoeing Route

You can also hire a canoe or a kayak and take the two-day Squirrel Route from Juva to Sulkava. The trip gives you a good overview about Finnish flora and fauna with sceneries changing from lush to rugged. Since the route passes all three cottages, you can spend the night in your own bed.

The Squirrel Route (Oravareitti) is a 52 kilometres long canoeing route which runs between the villages of Juva and Sulkava. The Squirrel Route is especially suitable to family outings, but gives a pleasent ride also for the more experienced canoeists.

It is recommended to reserve two days for the trip. Hattula and Annenranta Cottages are located on the halfway of the route. If you are staying in those cottages, you may spend the night in your own bed. It is also possible to spend the night on a camping site. There are also two resting places along the route.

The route has been marked with the squirrel sign and it runs through lakes, rivers and rapids. The water level is at its highest early in the summer. The use of canoes and one-man kayaks is recommended.

Aquatic Nature Trail
The Squirrel Route is also the first biologically studied Finnish aquatic nature trail marked with information boards, which can be seen from the canoe.
The boards inform about the flora and the fauna of the area and about the effect water and humans have on nature.

There are various lakes, rivers and rapids along the route and scenery changes from lush to rugged. There are some 20 information boards along the water route as well as a board at the start and finish, too. Maps are sold to provide further information.

Please click here to see pictures along the Squirrel Route.